Keep Your Commercial Kitchen Safe and Sanitary


Restaurant Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning in Greater Lansing, MI



Cleaning the vent hood system in your commercial kitchen takes time, effort and an expert’s skill. Thankfully, the cleaners at Feldpausch Cleaning Services, LLC are trained and certified to clean kitchen hoods. Before we even clean the system, our team will inspect your filters, exhaust fan and ductwork free of charge.

Choose your kitchen hood cleaning service provider carefully. Leave it to the certified and trained pros at Feldpausch Cleaning Services, LLC.


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5 reasons to have your kitchen hood professionally cleaned by a certified company

Restaurant owners need to take diligent care of their kitchen hoods. Here are five reasons why you should hire a team of professional cleaners to keep yours safe and clean:
  1. Dirty vent hoods can create a fire hazard.
  2. Most fire codes include provisions about kitchen hood maintenance.
  3. Dirty kitchen hoods don't work as well as clean ones at maintaining air quality and proper air flow.
  4. Your insurance coverage could be affected if your health inspectors or local fire authorities deem your vent hoods unacceptable.
  5. At Feldpausch Cleaning Services, LLC, we provide before and after photos and a written follow up report.

Call us to restore or maintain your system to proper conditions. Call 517-582-1083 to schedule a vent hood cleaning at your restaurant or commercial kitchen in Greater Lansing, MI.