Clean Offices Make for Happy Employees

Clean Offices Make for Happy Employees

Hire a janitorial service in Lansing, MI

You focus on running your business. Let Feldpausch Cleaning Services, LLC worry about keeping it clean. Our experienced janitors will:
  • Sweep your floors
  • Mop your floors
  • Dust your surfaces
  • Take out your trash
  • Clean your bathrooms
  • Clean the break rooms
  • Clean your carpets
  • Strip and scrub your tile floors
  • Refinish your floors
  • Clean the windows on your ground floor

Walk your guests through the sparkling clean lobby and keep your employees happy with bright and clean offices, bathrooms and break rooms. Contact us today to schedule a cleaning in Lansing, Michigan.

How often should you have your business professionally cleaned?

That’s up to you! Feldpausch Cleaning Services, LLC works on your schedule. We can clean your office once or twice a month or as often as five or six days per week. Call 517-582-1083 to speak with a qualified janitor about your company’s cleaning needs.